Thursday, 18 October 2012

Introducing Glamorous Actress Melanie Varnavas


full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive,especially in a mysterious or magical way.
full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity:

Really like Amanda Holdens dress sense, glamour, but with elegance, That's me.

Just had my favourite from dominoes pizza, the pepperoni passion of course.

"Proper preparation prevents poor performance"

Melanie Varnavas
Agent details:
Born in London to greek cypriot parents, it was at a later age of 15 that I discovered my passion for acting.
After 2 years on a waiting list, i finally got into the well known Annascher Theatre in Islington. In my 6 years there, Annascher taught you all you need to know about television and theatre. Improvisation was also a key factor in its teaching methods. Whilst at Annascher i also completed my BA Hons degree in Drama and Media arts at St Mary’s College, the University of Surrey.
At the start of my acting career, one of the highlights was performing at the Almedia theatre. I then went on to do commercials for the Discovery Channel, short films and photographic work where I appeared on the front cover of dixons catalogue.
After taking a break from acting for 4 years working in retail management, I always longed to do acting again, so I pursued my acting once again and have been building up my profile ever since aiming to be successful at what i love to do.
In 2009 i was cast as the lead female Simeone in a short film called Pre-commitment by Trinityxproductions, written and directed by Trevor Garlick. It went on to become a award winning short film, where it won 4 awards around the international festivals in 2010 which included a award of excellence at the accolade film awards in the US, and winning at the Swansea Bay, heart of England, and Ireland film festivals. This was a very proud moment for Me. it went on to be sold on DVD and in February 2012 it got its first distribution from another country which was in Germany, i am very happy how well its gone on to do internationally.
My greek cypriot background and mediterranean looks have given me opportunities on a wider range of parts. I even appeared in a short film where I had to speak some greek!
I am very passionate about my acting and aims to be successful at it through hard work and lots of determination

Grease is on, favourite film of all time, think I know most of the lines!

Would love to be cast in something like Dallas, lots of glamour and great characters and plots.We need a British version of Dallas!

Follow your passions, believe in karma, and you won't have to chase your dreams, they will come to you.



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