Thursday, 23 April 2015

Melanie Interview: KMI's first interview with the Gorgeous Actress Melanie Varnavas

My First Interview with Melanie Varnavas

Hi Melanie, 
Thanks for agreeing to answer all my obscure questions, so to start with..

Katching My I: Please describe yourself in 3 words
Melanie: Loyal, Caring and Glamorous

Katching My I: Who was you first celebrity crush?
Melanie: First celebrity crush: grew up watching snooker with the family so have to say 7 times world champion Stephen Hendry.

Katching My I: Your favourite holiday destination?
Melanie: For now Greece.

Katching My I: Your favourite Football team?
Melanie: Arsenal.

Katching My I: Your favourite band/group?
Melanie: Cold Play.

Katching My I: Favourite high street shop/designer label?
Melanie: Top Shop but the one in Oxford Circus mainly, if I'm shopping your most likely to find me in there.

Katching My I: Favourite Solo artiste?
Melanie: It's a hard one but favourite solo artist of all time is Madonna.

Katching My I: Favourite website?
Melanie: Mine!! oh and yours!

Katching My I: Favourite TV programme?
Melanie: Eastenders.

Katching My I: Date of Birth?
Melanie: 16th May 1981.

Katching My I:Favourite Actor?
Melanie: Tom Hanks.

Katching My I: Favourite Actress?
Melanie: Julia Roberts.

Katching My I: Do you have any Tattoos?
Melanie: No tattoos.

Katching My I: Best advice ever given to you? 
Melanie: That actions always speak louder than words.

Katching My I: First Acting role? 
Melanie: First acting role for tv/film would be the award winning comedy short film Pre-commitment where I played the lead female Simeone.

Katching My I: Fav food?
Melanie: Greek meat balls. (Keftedes)

Katching My I: Fav colour?
Melanie: Pink!

Katching My I: When did you first start acting? 
Melanie: I started quite late compared to other actors. At the age of 15 I put myself down on the waiting list of the well known Anna Scher theatre in Islington, finally started attending when I was 18. I did all my training for the next 4-5 years but then took a break from it and worked for Ann Summers for 11 years! It wasn't until 2009 that I decided to take my acting seriously.

Katching My I: Anyone else in your family ever acted? 
Melanie: No other family member has ever acted, I'm the first!

Katching My I: What music will you listen to today? 
Melanie: Music I will listen to today, I have to say I mainly put the radio on and flick through the channels, so mainly commercial music.

Katching My I: What TV programme would you most like to be in? 
Melanie: My dream is to be in Eastenders!!

Katching My I: Who would you like to act with? 
Melanie: So many actors I would love to work with, have to say Michael Caine, I feel like I would learn a lot from him.

Katching My I: Do you play any musical instruments? 
Melanie: No musical instruments.

Katching My I: What is the proudest moment in your career so far?
Melanie: The proudest moment of my career so far is being a part of the award winning short film Pre-commitment directed by Trevor Garlick/Trinity X productions, where I played the lead female. It won 4 awards around the festivals and even came out to purchase on a DVD.

Katching My I: Favourite Film?
Melanie: Grease.

Katching My I: Fav film genre?
Melanie: Comedy.

Katching My I: Thanks so much Melanie, I really enjoyed our first interview. 
Melanie: That was interesting!! But I enjoyed it.
Many thanks Nick, look forward to seeing my first interview on your Blog.

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