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Beautiful Leigh-Anne Pinnock from @LittleMix photoshoot and chats personal fashion style with 1883 magazine

Little Mix have soared to success in their own right since starring on the X-factor in 2011, but fame and fashion go hand in hand.
With screaming fans in the background, it seems almost impossible that being in one of the most popular girl bands around at the moment, Leigh-Anne would get a moments peace to get to talk to us about her personal style and the latest news from the band’s tour.
Where do you get your major style influences from?
It’s generally down to what I like and what I feel comfortable in, I love looking at what the latest trends are on the runway and incorporating that into my style. To be honest, my boyfriend is really into fashion as well and he’s the one that really got me into it but I’ve always been interested. He introduced me to different brands and different designers, he’s got a good eye for things. I think a lot of things I’ve worn in the past he’s had a lot of input in.
How would you describe your style?
Quite chic, with an edge but at the same time I will literally wear anything! I love trying new things, that’s what it’s all about and I don’t think you should put a label on it. Wear what you want, whenever you want and what you feel good in.
So tell us about your blog Leigh Loves, when did you start blogging and where did the inspiration to blog come from?
I started over a year ago, I’ve always been into fashion but it’s not just about that, it’s a lifestyle blog too, because me and my boyfriend love to travel and see new things and try new food so I thought why not try and blog about it and tell everybody what I’m doing. I started off with the fashion and went onto the travel side but I really enjoy doing it. I used to do creative writing and English for my A-levels and I love writing so I thought I’ll have a crack at it!
Do you find it difficult to keep up with it when you’re busy on the road?
Yeah, it’s really hard. I might not post for a couple of months because I literally have no time. It’s a hobby for me, it’s there for when I can do it, my fans love it as well so it’s not regimented. There was one time when we finished a long day’s work in America where we had a photographer who was with us all day and I said to him, “Do you mind just taking some blog shots for me?” and we found this really cool alleyway and took shots of my denim outfit from Marques Almeida and Jess was saying to me “What are you doing you’re crazy! Go to bed!” ‘cause we’d had such a long day but I have a passion for it.
Who’s your favourite designer and why?
It’s so hard to choose one! And I always come across new designers that I love but who I would say at the moment, I really like Acne, it’s not always just the same that’s what I like about it.
Is it better to be bold and brave with your fashion choices or do you prefer more understated looks?
Y’know my boyfriend is quite understated with his but I love to be bold, so he helps me find a middle ground but at the same time if something’s really cool that stands out and is really bold then I’ll just wear it because I’m not afraid to try new things.
Do you think body shape matters when it comes to fashion choices?
I think you need to choose whatever you feel comfortable in, so if you want to accentuate a part of your body then choose something that will flatter yourself but you should just wear whatever you want. It’s all about taking risks and feeling free. That’s what I’ve found for me in the group, fashion is a way of standing out.
You’ve already got your own fragrance and Little Mix have just become the global ambassadors for the sports brand USA Pro, would you ever be inspired to produce your own fashion line?
That is the absolute dream. I would love for us to do it as a group so fingers crossed we’ll be able to do that, but even like ten years down the line I would love to have my own, that would be amazing so you never know what could happen!
You’ve just finished the UK leg of the Get Weird tour, what’s your favourite part of being on tour?
This tour I think has been the hardest ever because…have you been to see us?
Yeah I came to Newcastle, it was flawless!
Oh amazing! Well you’ve seen how full on it is?
In comparison to the last tour definitely.
To be honest we’ve all been exhausted, usually we’ll be out and going to parties but this tour has been a bit more regimented, we can’t really go out as much, we have to look after our bodies and be on top form more than ever before. The best bit is having the nice lay ins and not having to wake up at 4 for hair and makeup!
I think personally you had the best outfits for each outfit change in the show! Do you have much input in the designs?
I have complete say in what I wanna wear, we all do. I think I was a bit more daring this time, I had quite a lot of skin on show!
Well in the first one was pink with glitter and orange that was my favourite! What was yours?
I think I have to agree with you. At first when we all got told about the pink & red I was like nuhuh not gonna do that, I hate that because they clash! But when I saw it on stage I thought that’s sick! And obviously with the sparkles as well, You’ve got to have sparkles.
The tour’s headed to Australia next, do you ever feel like you have to switch up your fashion choices across the pond?
I love a lot of Australian designers, there’s one Constantina and Louise, a lot of beachwear I love it so I think I’ll look into it while I’m over there. I think they’ve got a really good fashion scene over there!
What’s the worst costume you’ve ever had to wear on stage?
Er…probably our X-factor days! We would literally wear anything, we didn’t care we just wanted to get on stage and get through.
Have you ever looked at older photos of yourself and thought “Oh my God what was I thinking!” or “Why didn’t someone tell me what I looked like?!”
I went through a stage of wearing Rihanna jumpers all the time, I’m obsessed with Rihanna but I would wear a jumper with her face on everyday. So random!
That’s why I think merchandise is a bit risky now because you don’t wanna walk around with someone’s face on you all day.
I’m all for the appreciation but it was literally everyday!
Have you had any wardrobe malfunctions?
Yeah! My gladiator sandals get caught up in my tights every time I go to the loo my legs keep getting stuck together!
When I came, I did see Jessie’s tights and thought oh dear! If you had your time again do you think you’d still do X-factor?
100%, definitely. What an incredible experience to go through, it’s such an amazing platform and we’ve done so well from it.
Had it not worked out would you have considered a career in fashion?
Definitely, I’m so into it and you don’t know what the road will lead to but I’d love it
I love how you Jessie, Perry and Jade compliment each other so well and have the ultimate girl band look, do you ever feel like there’s competition about who looks the best?
No not at all because we all have different styles, completely different. So it’s not like we’re stealing each other’s clothes. We’ve all got our own thing going on and that’s what I love about us. There’s so much variety and that’s why people can say oh I like that one and I like that one, I want to dress like her. I think that’s what works about us.
If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
The dress that I wore to the Mojos, it was designed for me so it was one of a kind and I think it’s the most beautiful dress I’ve ever worn in my life. I felt like a million bucks.
Are you still stylish at home in your pyjamas or do you just let your hair down and not care?
When you’re home on your own no one’s there to judge you! I mean I’ll go to Primark and buy pyjamas!
Are your sisters as fashionable as you?
I think I probably cared about it more than them. I was more worried about it and wanted to dress to impress .
Double denim, yay or nay?
Yay! There’s a double denim look on my blog and on the new pictures there’s a bit going on there.
I don’t know why people have a problem with it! What’s next for Little Mix? Tell us about your upcoming single, and what kind of style can we expect to see in the video?
We haven’t announced it yet, but it’s definitely fun. We’re really excited for it!

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