Twenty years. Over 2,000 entrants. Millions of votes. But there could only ever be one winner. One woman who would rise above the rest like a glorious, sexy phoenix to be crowned the hottest woman in FHM 100 Sexiest's 20-year history.

And that woman is... Rachel Stevens.

The former S Club 7 starlet and pin-up legend has fought off the likes of 100 Sexiest double-winners Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole for the number one spot, without even topping the list before.
That being said, she's been in the list 11 times, appeared on 8 FHMcovers and has been the 100 Sexiest runner-up not once, not twice butthrice! And having a legitimate excuse to use the word 'thrice' in a sentence is already exciting enough...
So how do we celebrate such an outstanding achievement? Why, we put her on the cover of this very mag, of course! And filmed the 39 seconds of awesomeness you see at the top of the page.
And what did Rachel have to say about her big win?
"To win this award feels absolutely amazing. I've worked with FHM for the past decade and a half. I feel such a strong bond to the magazine and it's so flattering to think that people think of me that way. It's brilliant."
It certainly is. So who are the 19 other 100 Sexiest legends in our all-time top 20? Is Jennifer above Cheryl? Did Mila make it in?

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