Monday, 10 October 2016

Channel 4 hired AI experts to build a real robot that looks like Humans star Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan in Channel 4's Humans
How far are we really from the world of Channel 4's Humans, where lifelike robots live alongside us
A new documentary - How to Build a Human - will explore that very question later this month.
Humans actress Gemma Chan will front the one-off, which will tie-in to the premiere of the hit drama's second series.

To create 'Gemmabot', Chan will undergo a gruelling range of cutting edge procedures - overseen by top AI experts.
Gemma Chan as Anita / Mia in Humans series 2
An entire head cast, 3D scanning and hours of voice record recognition all come together to create the finished android.
The final test? To see if a band of unwitting journalists - including a Digital Spy correspondent - can be fooled into thinking they're interviewing the real Gemma when they meet her robot replica!
As part of her journey, Gemma will venture further into the world of AI and high technology, meeting experts in the field.
Dan Tetsell as the salesman & Gemma Chan as Anita in Humans episode 1
"This film pushes the boundaries of what is possible using the technology that is increasingly influential in our lives," said Tom Porter, Channel 4's acting Commissioning Editor, Science.
"Gemma brings a unique perspective to the subject and it's incredibly exciting for us to have her at the heart of this ground-breaking project."
Gemma Chan as Mia in Humans series 2
Channel 4 is yet to confirm an air-date for How to Build a Human, though we know it'll be sometime this month - withHumans itself returning on Sunday, October 30 at 9pm.
The new series will see Chan and Colin Morgan joined by new cast members Carrie-Anne Moss (Jessica Jones), Marshall Allman (Prison Break) and Sam Palladio (Nashville).