Monday, 9 March 2015

Antigoni Interview: KMI's first interview with the stunning singer songwriter Antigoni on her Birthday

My First Interview with Antigoni on her Birthday

Katching My I: Who was your first celebrity crush?
Antigoni: Probably Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell

Katching My I: What is your favourite holiday destination?
Antigoni:  that's too hard! Umm probably Cyprus just because it's like a home away from home

Katching My I: What is your favourite band/group?
Antigoni:  literally can't answer that I have too many

Katching My I: Favourite high street shop/designer label?
Antigoni:  High street is probably Topshop

Katching My I: Favourite Solo artiste?
Antigoni:   I have Soo many again but Amy Winehouse is Defo one of my biggest musical inspirations

Katching My I: Favourite TV programme?
Antigoni:  Friends!

Katching My I: Date of Birth?
Antigoni:  09.03.1996

Katching My I: Do you have any Tattoos?
Antigoni: No

Katching My I: The best advice ever given?
Antigoni: Umm I dunno

Katching My I: The first song you ever sung?
Antigoni: Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Mama Cass

Katching My I: Your Favourite food?
Antigoni: OMG too hard I eat so much

Katching My I: Favourite colour?
Antigoni: Gold or Turquoise

Katching My I: When did you first start singing?
Antigoni: Since I can remember

Katching My I: Anyone else in your family sing?
Antigoni: My mum and dad both have really good voices like my mum can sing opera so well.
And my sister too but she's shy
And my youngest brother Zeno wants to be a singer haha

Katching My I: What music will you listen to today?
Antigoni: I dunno I Listen to everything

Katching My I: Where would you most like to perform?
Antigoni: Hmm that's hard, I'd love to sell out the O2 LOL (dreams)

Katching My I: Who would you most like to open for?
Antigoni: Ugh that's so tough!! I can't choose,

Katching My I: Apart from Guitar do you play any other instruments?
Antigoni: Bit of piano , but of ukulele haha

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