Monday, 14 September 2015

Please follow my lead and Vote for my favourite X Factor act PYT in the Telly Mix poll

The past two days have been very busy for The X Factor with some 23 acts going in front of the judges.
In another bumper packed double audition showing over the weekend, the Yes-happy judges said no to only the two acts.
On Saturday, the successful auditionees include Angel win donning Italian PAPASIDERO and dodgy dancer ALEX BOYE.
JENESA GILL kissed Simon Cowell while ROCK & ROSE may have not had the personality factor but did provide the vocals.
JADE MCGUIRE won four yeses together with gospel choir groups SILVER TONE and BEKLN.
CHARLI BEARDVICKI- ANN NASH and RUMOUR HAS IT all also got yeses together with MONICA MICHAEL who returned after rejection last year.
On Sunday the girls were out in force as HAVVA REBKECALYPSO LARRAZETKATIE COLEMANKIERA WEATHERS and NENETH LYONS all got four yeses, as well as girl group PYT.
The guys also impressed with BRODIE KELLYBEN CLARK, male trio SUNDAY CLUB and JOE WALLER all getting through into bootcamp.
So who was your favourite from the past two days? Vote in our new poll below!