Thursday, 25 April 2013

Melanie Varnavas and the tradition of kissing Ms Santa

Melanie Varnavas as the Kissing Ms Santa
photography by Tim Slader

The photos below form part of an ongoing project by Tim Slader focusing on the life, dreams and stories of residents on the Durand Close estate in Carshalton.

Tim has been working with Melanie and other actors and some residents depicting real or imagined episodes around the area.

The images of Melanie's character Ms.Santa were from a story told to Tim 

 The man had a tradition at Christmas of always kissing any Santa Claus he met.

One year he met a girl at a party 
Of course he had to kiss her as she was dressed as Ms Santa

Of course this was by far his very favourite kiss !


Tim's ultimate aim is to reproduce the photos as an exhibition and as a book when the old estate is finally demolished .